Can we please give penatly to instant quitters in oreha(abyssal dungeon)

literally unplayable with matchmaking because people instant quit when there are no high geared character. everytime I matchmaking with 1370 8/10 is instant quit wasting my time.

give penalty to those instant quit multiple times in a row.


Have patience and wait for people carrying you with the condition to not bid books, its a fair trade. I have multiple alts I always give free carries. Just keep an eye refreshing the lobby page but be quick cuz they tend to fill up fast. If you are a new player I guess it sucks that you are not able to experience it like we all did but it is what it is… unless we will get a constant wave of new players. In the end you will find soon enough that its way better this way than constantly wiping and wasting time

So it would be fair for ppl to get a penalty when doing hard oreha on support alts, because we got MM 3-4 supports(which has happened multiple times in a row) and decided to end it?

yea if someone need carry, they should look for party finder and get in no bid ones. most of time who instant quit dungeons are sorcerss with bot name

i also saw that case with my bard alt. somehow abyss dungeon mm is broken.
I never matched with same class in guardian raid.