Can we PLEASE have some type of update whether to expect class balance update by clown release

Since it wasnt on this last “update” i am assuming probably not…

But as an Artillerist main i really really would love to know any info as soon as you can.

Please :pray:

if they put clown, scouter, tripod and class changes all on the same day I am gonna lose it

Ill be pretty sad if its not(class changes anyway) but starting to come to accept that it wont be. Even though i was 99.9% sure it would be a month ago.

Though we did get class changes with glavier release… so maybe

For reals, I’m only around 1370 on my Artillerist and I fully enjoy Barrage. I’m already spec’d and using the skills as the barrage meta in KR but they don’t do crap for damage right now because i don’t have crit on barrage. Also some of the tripods I’m using will be replaced or deleted altogether. The reason I’m playing this build now is because it will avoid the headache of changing everything. Plus since i just started on this server i wont even have the resources available anyway to change accessory’s, stones etc…

hope we get info

If the last balance patch is any indicative then yes we should expect it with clown, the last 1 we got it really fast (remember how surge blades were coping that the nerf wouldnt be here asap), the tripod update i know its coming but they didnt specify when yet.

This is where I am right now with my Arty

1380, 4x3 (Barrage, Grudge, Hit Master and Keen Blunt Weapon)

It just sucks to play so much right now because I’m missing Firepower

I mean hopefully the update will come soon, but as it stands I’m not pushing him further until it does

Heck, he’s even on rested Chaos because I just don’t wanna lol

The only saving grace is I won’t have to gear him when it does land

Which will not only save pheons, but a LOT of gold (prices gonna skyrocket)

than one month server down if all in one patch