Can we please re-arrange abilities in special forms?

Basically title.

Let me elaborate:
I have very specific key bindings across all my chars to ease the transition when playing alts. Counter spells, movement abilities, charged abilities etc. all are on specific keys so I can just muscle memory my way through everything instead of having to check my abilities all the time.

I started as Artillerist and am now basically filling out every single character slot with all the other classes (most of them are amazing - however, I’m still torn as what to actually main).

Artillerist, Shadowhunter, Deadeye / Gunslinger (to some extent) and eventually Scouter all have the ability to change forms and gain new skillsets. I would really love to be able to freely assign my changed form abilities (especially as Shadowhunter) because it’s annoying that my movement abilities and counters etc. are on different keys once I make the switch.

Theoretically I could just adapt my overall key layout but I don’t think it should be too big of an issue to code in the ability that we can freely assign skills in changed forms?

Please help out an altoholic be his best self :smiley:

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