Can we please reduce guild cd to 2 days max?

Like, i have to wait half a month to join a new guild, it’s so dumb. Idc about bloodstone shards, u can disable earning them for a week, just let me join a fkn guild. You punish players, because guild die, for no reason.


Yea, I still can’t understand why the punishment is so severe and it’s a roster one at that… If someone has more insight on this feature, please enlighten me. I think max 4 or 7 days is fair enough.

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2 days is too low, people would be jumping guilds too much, 2 weeks should be maximum

If guild can’t retain players then it’s their fault.

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is it wrong for people to jump guilds? Is it not their right to find a guild that they are happy with? It should be up to any and all guild to actually measure up to their promises to keep their members.

add to that, there is no way to truthfully gain an insight to a guild before joining(ingame atleast)

only reason ive heard is that its a system in place to stop gold making from symael shards or something like that?

but you could just max out one guild, and then rotate how many characters u want for maxed out guild shop, the cooldown just cant be only 2 days

I totally agree. We have somebody now who wants to join our guild and he needs to wait 16 days. He was just really unlucky with his past guilds, last died right after he joined. 16 days is way too much, 1 week I could understand although even that is too much tbh. Make it 2-3 days max and everybody should be happy.

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you do know what it takes to max out a guild? i have a 5 alt guild with other people in it and its only lvl 3…

Well if you have full guild and do all guild tasks+donations+research it goes up pretty fast

then its no longer an alt guild

i didnt mean alt guild tho? i meant normal guild but every week you rotate everyones alt chars to main guild to buy out guild shop

so because of that you think it’s right that guy cant join a guild for 16 days because he was used and lied to by other guilds?


that sucks, i had a similar experience with my former guild where i had to wait like 5 days and that almost made me quit the game… i cant begin to wonder what 16 days would do to a persons morale and conviction to log in every day since guilds are a major part of a team based player experience.

This system of punishing people for exiting a guild is ridiculous. I heard that even if you are kicked, you are still penalized for a couple of days to a couple of weeks by not being able to join another guild.

A better system would’ve been to provide such punishments if one joins a guild and exits immediately. Like provide a time limit. You joined a guild? You won’t get a punishment for leaving it if you stood more than two weeks. You joined it and exited in the same day? Then be punished.

Or even better, not have it at all. I haven’t played too many MMO’s until now, but those that I have played, I had no such issues when switching guilds. A lot of guilds in Lost Ark are literally dead right now. The one in which I am now has only 2-3 people relatively active, and 5-6 more who login just for dailies and then exit.

Anyway, this issue I think is Smilegate territory, as this kind of guild system is integrated in the game design. AGS cannot change this, Smilegate has to and I doubt they will do it.

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I looked in the guild list in the game and I thought I found an active one. It was pretty full and when I get in there all the members but one haven’t logged in for a month or more. So I leave in hopes to find an active guild and now I have a 15 day cooldown before I can join another one. A half month to join a new guild is crazy.

The cooldown period needs to be reduced. Or if that isn’t going to happen can we at least see the guild roster and the login times so we have an idea if it’s active.