Can we re-visit the class release cadence?

With the delays, seems like it’ll be at least 1 class every 3 months now.


arcana will be released in somewhere ‘mid’-July

Release them all over the summer and make huge monies with the event pulling people in.


They are all coming out mid-june


This is likely the developers call not AGS as it usually is in situations like this, owner calls the shots on content release.

Don’t be naive. This is 100% AGS decision.

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Maybe if people go back to making a big deal out of it, they won’t be able to ignore it anymore, but so far they did a good job of showing us how they don’t care at all for our feedback and will only act on problems if they are severely hurting their profit, they don’t even seen to care about their public image anymore, so I am not holding out much hope for this.


Quite sad we didn’t continue to complain a lot about it, they just “ignored” again, but yeah it would be good to change the candece to 1 per month.

Well the game director did say it would be 1 class every 2-3 months.

So the wait is over for the two arcane mains in our continent


For which version? Ours or KR? if it’s a new class every 2-3 months in KR that’s even more reason for AGS to release the currently available classes as fast as possible to catch us up with the KR releases.

Our version. He talks about it starting at about 6:59.
Gold River Shares His Lost Ark Secrets (Official Interview) - YouTube

cries in artist


Can we revisit the meaning of the word “mid” and how it’s used by AGS incorrectly?

Revisit the word “aiming” and how it’s used by forum users incorrectly would be more accurate.

While I do side with players on this lack of coms from AGS, they never specified mid-June, simply said they were “aiming for” mid-June. Clearly, they missed.

Its clear ppl pick and choose what they want to hear :smiley:

Ah I see you’re still here. Fun police in full swing. You are correct, they need to learn to aim better since they always miss.

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