Can we report mail please

Gold sellers are using the mail function because it’s a pain to report since you can’t do this direct from the mail. This is also open to people abusing others through mail so I don’t understand why a report function isn’t front and centre on the mail screen.

Let us report those who are spam mailing us easily please.

I mean will it even help? You’ll get mail from a completely different bot next day

Easier reporting of those in-game mail would help a little, maybe.
I am getting 2-3 mail on my main and on most of my alts every few hours… It is extremely annoying.
What would really help if we had the option to only let mails from people on the friends list trough, and of course mail from auction house and log-in and fever time rewards.
But if mails from non-friends would automatically marked as spam and could be automatically deleted, that would immensely help.