Can we select a 1415+ for the new Special Event Mission?

I’m just wondering if we can select a 1415 alt for the event. I don’t want to spend money to buy the character pass and make another character (who I will never play ever) just to get the rewards. I barely even play 6 characters in a day, I only play them when they have max Rest Bonus.

[Don’t Reply if you’re not one of the MODS] !!!

The numbers are inclusive.

the whole point is to make u spend…


Probably same as last time, you won’t be able to choose a character 1415+

It is a help for the new character, or for people who have not yet reached x6. If you currently accumulate rest to get gold x6, and you have full list +1415, you can have a seventh more character for the rests. Literally to have all this now you’ve beaten the game a long time ago, you can only invest in time / profitability.

Honestly, you likely were never going to get a moderator to respond, and as someone who can read the English language i felt a responsibility to indicate the sentence indicated the numbers were inclusive.

They have not prevented the use of the Special Event Missions on characters that don’t need it provided they were otherwise eligible.

Yes; I purposefully and respectfully ignored an unreasonable request not to reply to a discussion post