Can we talk about the amount of spam mail received?

As the title mentioned…every day since the update on the “fix” to the auction house/server disconnects, I’ve been receiving mail from random ‘bot’ accounts trying to sell gold. How do these spam mail not get flagged or dealt with (no one is even mentioning it on forums???). This issue really needs to get attention, as it could potentially help with removing botter from the game.

yeah same here not sure how they got through whatever system they added but recently every one of my alts has atleast 2 messages in the mail from bots trying to sell gold


You sure about that? :thinking:

And that’s just on “Game Feedback” and “General Discussion” from the last 3 days… Don’t bother going back more or check in Support/Bugs/etc.

Can’t do more than reporting the players and deleting stuff.

Also I noticed I get a lot of them when I’m “in town”… but my alts out on the sea or on islands dont get them.
Probably there are bots in certain places that “see” your char and give the information to their system to automate send you those messages. What I want to say: Stay away from town. :joy:

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Thanks for the other posts, this should make it more known to the CMs that this issue needs to be addressed.

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