Can we talk about the currency exchange?

It’s been like this for 3 days. It’s literally impossible to buy ruby crystals. I understand wanting to keep the ratio for royal crystals and blue crystals. The issue is that no one wants to buy gold with royal crystals, because there is so many ways in game to make it. Please find a fix for this.

It’s a player-driven currency exchange…

The fix is spending more gold.

Spend gold how? It isn’t related to spending gold at all

Actually, I sold a bunch of gold for crystals yesterday and today. You just have to wait. People ARE buying gold with Royal Crystals

There are over 1.4 million blue crystals waiting to be bought in that image. Do you realize how many royal crystals it would take to satisfy that? I don’t think people are going to spend 3+ million* royal crystals just to transform it into gold.

I’m guessing this issue is based on the server that I’m on, which is Enviska.

*Updated because I’m bad at math

It took like 4 or 5 hours for my Blue Crystal purchases to be filled. And I put them in when it was around 1.3mil

It will happen, it just takes time. Put your request in and wait.


What I had meant in the original reply was that you can beat the existing orders by placing a buy order with a higher sale price. It isn’t fun but it will allow you to get the crystals if you really need them.

So the issue, is it won’t let me go higher on the price, only go to the max that it currently listed at.

Damn, that is unfortunate. Looks like it has gone up by 60 gold over the past hour too. Feelsbadman

The first one was from 3 days ago.

Its a bad deal to buy gold now because is so expensive and the price will only drop in time when more people will have more gold.

Exactly, no one is going to want to buy gold with real life bought currency, but everyone will want to buy blue crystals with in game gold.

The UI/instructions for the currency exchange is one of the worst, most unclear, unhelpful and anti-user friendly things I’ve ever seen

I literally laughed at it when I first made sense of it, it’s so bad