Can we talk about the size of desks, please?

This is EGREGIOUS!! Look at these desks! I would assume that Sasha and Bastian are in a “stand up office,” but there are chairs here, too!

What is with the over-sized furniture? Is this an actual, intended design move? Are over-sized desks all the rage in Korea? I don’t get it. Please help me understand.



Average size. :grin:

If the size of the furniture bothers you, don’t pay too much attention to the hands

Try playing the pianos as seen in some cutscenes in the game. There is no way a human could reach the notes on the ends lol. The note keys are also about 3 inches wide, good luck playing a chord!


Really? The hands of the characters and NPCs all appear to be okay and relatively proportional to me:

Look at neria’s right hand (our left). It’s as long as her forearm

Okay, upon closer inspection, Neria does have some big hands (both meaty, and also long willowy fingers - not sure if the two descriptions go with one another… :rofl: ). Still - looks to be that her forearm is ~1.5 the length of her hand. I have large hands, and that proportion seems to match me. :man_shrugging:

Neria hand

Still, the lack of proper proportion here of the hands is not quite as messed up as the desks and furniture scaling.

Oh yes, far from the desk furniture. I only noticed the hands when i saw an npc, i think it’s Ezebret or something, with clasped hands out in front of her, so it is a perspective thing to some degree I’m sure.

Neria is a little taller than the assassin (shadow hunter? I can’t tell) so i guess it’s fine that her hands are larger. Just seems a little too much larger.

Edit: that bard’s fingers look like a rake. Idk what’s going on there. The thumb seems weird. Anyway I’ll shut up now

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Deathblade. :slight_smile:

So here’s another glaring example. When I first encountered Anabel, I thought that perhaps she was a child. I’m still not certain that she’s not.

In this example, the desk comes up to Toggleblade’s chest/torso. Which might be the appropriate height for the Adventurer’s Guild’s DMV quick service window. But this is a desk!
For poor Anabel, she is barely tall enough to see over the table across to me. She’s not seated. But if she were, she would not be able to reach the feather pen that is reseting on the book:

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You’ll have to forgive those. A stringed instrument player’s hands sometimes look a little rough. :joy:

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