Can we upgrade the forums a bit?

Yeah, I know most people are fixing bugs in the other game that I won’t mention, but how hard is it for the people working solely on LA to improve the forum experience?

Let’s have a forum for each region and a forum for each base class. I think it probably involves copying and pasting the code and assigning it a different title (or something like that). Not that resource intensive, but very helpful to the LA community so we can avoid the spam in the general forum?

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Apparently it is as hard as using the search function :smiley:
Sub-forums will be implemented after the game released


Patience, young buck. The game isn’t even released yet.

Ruh roh, I “assumed” (yes, I know how that’s spelled) it would simply be a repeat of that other game that shall not be mentioned. Thank you for posting those threads/solution.

May your travels be swift and safe.

We will be reorganizing the forums prior to launch.


I think it would be nice if there was a specific forum section for guild recruitment.

I suppose people will create discord groups, but I see a fair amount of guild advertisement in general currently.

How was that harassing? And why are you necroing an old thread?

I think you need to take a long look in the mirror here, bud.