Can you.. At least... Do this as a GOOD start up!

So… There are things that has bothered me about this game. I shall begin with my list, list directed to the devs and all:

  1. Cosmetics, you give us the option to get to T2 fast, but we all have to run around looking the same as everyone else? Seen this yellow night gown? yeah that’s a below level 600gs sorceress noob! Kill fast! Lots of them running about! - Solution maybe unlock skin slots to gear as well? a real transmog? and release some new transmogs? yay for all? You earn money, people look different, and the game feels more… How do I say it? Universal?
  2. All these cosmetics selling stuff and the only way we can change it is by paying? If you want a future maybe rethink this? Because the gap between poor and rich is getting bigger and… no one will buy this shit unless rich? Unless this is your plan, not to sell it, and leave it to be a good rich man thing then… All good. (example is GW2, you can pay a little or farm to get lucky, but you can get lucky!)
  3. Melee classes sucks compared to ranged? Usually melee classes has more mobility? Where is this true in this game? Yeah I don’t ever play big mammoth characters like berserkers in this game, but deathblade and wardancer can’t compete nearly to ranged such as gunslinger or sorceress… which are ranged… doesn’t even have to use it as much? What the hell are your thought about this? I would want to know? You consider meta gaming?
  4. Why do you not take an active role in banning gold sellers? I am sure that if you would do it for a week or two they would stop, and if they come back, then re-do the effort? It disturbs the game enjoyment. People say you ban people but so far the people I had blocked are still there, not banned or removed? With a 100 block limit? Help me out?
  5. increase block limit. I just came up with this? why even have a block limit? is it hard? to have a .txt file that carries the weight of blocked people? No?
  6. Allow character or actually roster transfer… I get it that this game is roster based, so let that be an option… you can earn money on it too!
  7. Make a scaling thing with abyssal dungeons, that makes it worth doing T1 abyssals with my badass 1080 character. Because the abyssal dungeons are fun!
  8. Make a random group thing for abyssal and pro for dungeons…
  9. What’s this about trading currency? Just let us trade… Not as if your’re doing anything against bots anyway? So why punish us with a currency?
  10. I know this won’t help at all… just wanted to say what I wanted changed… so last. no.10… Listen to your fan base and what they want and need improved! To make their game a better experience.