Can you do something about Ping spammers?

Soooo, the ping mechanic is useful, but also annoying ah hell.
There are always people spamming with it for no reason, and i can’t even mute them for some reason. This is a thing that needs to be changed imo. I just had a 10min boss raid and pinging sounds still rings in my ears, because one person was just spamming it to annoy everyone.
Add spam protection? Like a cooldown if you overuse it?

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Please address this. People should not be allowed to spam this nonstop. I still don’t understand why we can’t cross server block but add a cooldown or give us a mute function.

It is 100x more annoying that gold spammers. I can turn off chat but this ping spam sounds won’t go away nor can I turn off the notification.

I personally use CTRL+ QWER for my skills which unfortunately also makes me Ping on accident here and there with Mouse movement. I wish i could change the button for pings to a different one…

However what you show and describe is insane o.o Never seen something that bad before.

Hmm I can see that being a nuisance. I’ll pass this feedback over to the team. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:.