Can you dye the new "omen" skin set?

If no why?

If yes nice!

I dont know but i also would like to know xD

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I bought it, and it says that it cannot be dyed

No, it says “cannot be dyed” right at the store

Since it has its own tint, I assume not.

does it?
can you maybe show a screenshot where it says that?
i was looking for that in the description but couldnt find it thats why i asked here :smiley:

damn thats so stupid…casue on Shadowhunter for example on the green version part of the skin is orange for some weird reason

would be so nice…
the red effects in combination with black armor would be badass


Only “New” skins are able to be dyed. This skin was available in KR before they implemented dyeing and only skins that they made after such thing are available to be colored like Lawmaker etc

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would be nice to know what skins are new and which are not

thank you. damn.