Can you give us all the UI options korea has

Specifically the one that shows which daily content your characters have done, it shows your chaos dungeon, gaurdians, etc. This helps a ton to keep track of your alts.

Another UI element that is missing is the off screen target warning, you character will get an eye above its head when you are targeted with an attack.

Another UI element that is very helpful is the boss direction ring, it shows an arrow facing where the bosses face is facing.

They also are able to resize and move the loot UI. As well as hide a lot of the UI that we can’t.

A lot of quality of life features Korea has and we are missing them for some un known reason.


That update was given to KR right before the game was released to EU NA but I think after everything was ready. We will be getting that stuff but it will take time. Some of those updates we have in pieces, but not the UI. It’s just a waiting game. Once they fix a lot I believe we will get a lot of updates.

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Oh! Had no idea it was that new for them LOL

Yeah, that was in the KR release for their 2021 (end of year) and 2022 roadmap. We have so much stuff coming to us that KR just got at end of 21. We just have to get through all the launch hick-ups. Like the PvP, 1000 stat points was a change in KR with all these UI things. But the UI things we don’t have. Like KR JUST got direct X 11…

This is the release from KR for Winter 2021. ALOT of content coming to them that we will eventually get in some way or another. It is just a matter of when. But UI revamp is part of it.