Can you help me decide on which class to Powerpass?

Since Scouter won’t come out until after the free Punika Powerpass expires, can you help me decide on my next alt to make?
Are there any class that are worth the try, that plays differently from the classes I already have?

Main: Sorc
Alts: GS, Scrapper, Pally, Bard, and Zerk. (I kinda stopped playing Zerk)

I’m thinking either GL or Shadowhunter(for the cheapness)
Any other “fun” alts to play, on normal legion raids?

are you sure on that?

the powerpass expires september 28th? i think it was.
so unless scouter comes on the 29th or 30th should work no?

You can use the powerpass until September 28th before update.
Scouter will be available on the same day after update.

Technically, from what I heard, you can use the powerpass on a male gunner and leave him in Trixion without selecting a subclass, wait for the Scouter release and then pick him.

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If you are going for Scouter transformation; the Shadowhunter transformation might be neat to also have. It is also different but a lot seem to also get bit bored of the simple spam that build is.

Artillirist would be ranged like your sorc but very different.
There is the wheelchair thing that was a turnoff for me. Its nearly like igniter unloading burst… kinda.

You mention stopping your zerker.
If you are thinking of GL then does the reasons you stop zerker have any similarity to GL?
GL also has that backjump that is really annoying if you play other characters.

Shadow hunter is really cheap since you only need 2 gems on transformation build you can also go Suppression engraving which is dirt cheap :slight_smile:

He/She is saying it works

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Oh kk. My bad them.

A CS (customer support) has said it would expire even when applied in trixion.
Another CS has said it works fine.

The expire timings with Destroyer was a bit different I believe.
So with how theres been a lot of Amazon posts about needing to use the pass before Scouter release. It feels more uncertain.

My guess is that it works fine if applied on character in Trixion. But like the amazon employees we are guessing and assuming.


yeh that’s what i did

I would suggest demo warlock or fire mage

lol Demo for sure