Can you help me here? My item disappeared and was locked

Again coming back to the forum to ask for help with my item “Swamp of Yearning Harp” by my bard > Marimusic - kazeros <.

I sent support by customer support and no response, I waited 3 days sending + other support and no response.

As I already said, my item that was LOCKED disappeared from my inventory, does Amazon not support it? you send and they don’t send any reply back? It has 5 days and NO support response, what to do? I had already opened another topic here on the forum 3 days ago, as it was not resolved, I am making another one, since the other one was locked.

Link from other thread > Restore item Swamp of Yearning Harp - #11 by Maripoze

I hope I can get help HERE, since in Customer Support no one just sends me an answer or shows interest in solving my problem.

Hello there @Maripoze,

I’m sorry to hear about this issue, however the situation is still the same as explained by the representative in the last thread, here in the forums we simple don’t have the tools and access to be able to assist you, I understand you have not received a response so please contact again and double check your email (spam folder and such) and the e-mail you have linked with your account.

So unfortunately here in the forums we can’t see the personal information needed to assist you, so please contact them again, try with this link:

Sorry for the inconveniences caused, keep me updated on your contact with the support team!


The problem is that it’s just me who loses, right? sorry to say this, but what a garbage support you guys have… I’ve never seen it, have almost 1 week since I sent the support and I didn’t get a response at all.

Here they can’t help me, there no one answers me, it’s hard to keep playing like this

@Maripoze I understand and I’m sorry about this situation, if you wish to share your feedback you can do so here: Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

I will raise your concerns about the support department not responding so we can escalate it.

Thank you for your input.