Can you help me restore a deleted character?

Hello Admins,
After I deleted a character, I realized that the knowledge transfer of Vern has a limitation of 9 usages. I cannot use the knowledge transfer to new characters anymore. So I am wondering if you can help me restore my deleted character?

I am at Avesta server. My main character’s name is Protarms. The deleted character is a paladin called Swordude.

Thank you

Hello @pillow13579,

I will be more than happy to help you with this! :sparkles:

Allow me one moment.

@pillow13579 Could you please log out so I can restore your character?

Hi @Greenvcs, I have logged out. Thank you so much.

Oh my god you guys actually can do this?? I deleted 2 characters from my account that were lvl 50 because i thought i could just use vern knowledge transfer again but discovered that you cannot after 10. I would also like to restore my characters if possible even tho it has been quite some time since deletion (when character was limited to 12). Would that be possible? Pretty pls O.O.

btw, atm my account has 12/12 slots filled if you tell me you can restore character i will buy 2 extra slots

Hey @Countofquivira, very happy I was able to help you in the other post!

Hope you guys have a nice day!

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