Can you help me to recover my equipment for my character

Hello helper

Can you help me to recover my equipment for my character? My equipment was destroyed on 2022/09/28 while I dunked. I remember I was doing enhancement, and the result was so so bad, so I deleted all the equipment. (Btw, why do you guys allow people to destroy equipment? At least, there should be a way to find them back by myself)

I am sorry to trouble you . Please check my account details, you will find what I am saying is the truth. I need the equipment back, so I can continue to do the enhancement. (I just need the equipment with a certain level back, not care about the quality)
Please help me and list the case number if possible. Here I have attached screenshots of my character

Thanks again

Hello @silencex, :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing your concern related to deleted equipment.

I’m sorry but the action is irreversible, and it cannot be reverted manually from our end.

I’d request you to be extra careful from next time while deleting any equipment on your characters.

Once again apologies from our end.

Hope this helps! :magic_wand:

You can craft a new one, I see you have the materials (21 vykas, 27 valtan )
You will probably need to craft 3 legendary items. But you can do it !!! Zerks are STRONG.