Can You Implemented Script for Banning T3 BOT

seems like there is a lot bot on T3, prob they just login doing chaos dungeon and gate> sell the math and then logout. they are running feiton chaos gate like 14 account… so wich mean they almost got 2,5k free gold from map betting LOL.

btw you guys already doing a good job. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox


oops found them again they are t3 LOL @Roxx

seems like they are not getting ban, found this one every feiton twisting was up on azena i don’t know if on the other server was have this bot to or not… but 100% they are who the one dumping auction house price for pouch and all honing math. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox.

if you guys can implementated the script on twisting feiton t2 that can easily auto ban them… that was great one. @Maselbart

i was running twisting this day and found 15 real player and 15 sorceress bot that using skill at the same time… LOL, you should look up at this one to @Maselbart even tho they are multiboxing but still u can not do that without any 3rd software.

totaly agree they are who the one dumping the market, prob they always do automatic una task wich mean they making inflation going up even faster… cuz they make raw gold every weekly