Can you just give us the KR client?

why do we have a sht client with 0 content 2skins that sold the worst in korea.
all content is there. just release it. why do you have to release it slowly?
all of us know whats coming to us anyway. we all have seen it in KR. no reason to hide it.

sure, the KR client could be overwhelming. but i bet 99% of the players would rather take that
than the current client.


well I would usually say No…as I want to experience all the content…but I want it to experience it with Summoner…so probably by the time that they decide to releasei it we are catched up to korea…so sure Kr version better…no censoring, no butchered classes (shadow) all classes are released…and all honing buffs are there

Before complaining check what Russia and Japan had on their realese. We have the most content on release from all other versions. And we have 0 content are you serious??? You really need start using your brain cells no matter the age.

cause we are the last gettin it ? idiot ?

im talkin to koynov

press f4
and tell me the content

tab to skins
and try to not start laughing.

wait another joke hold on:

create a character and look the classes

“we have the most content”

This idiot says we have more content than in russia and japan when the game came out years ago for them but the game just had less content back then, that’s quite normal that we have more content at launch with us in 2022

and this idiot says

what a joke