Can you please do something about the w0x3-spelpwn1n2nt bug when queueingng

Twice today I’ve been almost through the queue to Zinnervale, only to experience queue numbers stop dropping and the dreaded ‘w0x3-spelpwn1n2nt’ appear when I inevitably give up and press cancel.

Can you PLEASE do something about this. It’s bad enough that the queue issues aren’t resolved yet - but this on top of it is just infuriating.

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Yeah the Support just straight up ignores everyone with this issue. They stated almost 2 weeks ago that they “work” on the problem but the devs probably wount adress this problem in the near future. Only thing left for us is waiting few months till queues potentiallly get lower or quit the game.

quit the game they are too lazzy for bringing solution , just capable to fix the shop , nothing else