Can you please give any heads up when servers will be unlocked?

What a ride the past 24 hours have been. I’ve gone from being excited to play a new game with my friends that were having a smooth early launch, to being told that I would no longer be able to play with my friends unless I convinced them to give up the three-day head start that they had paid for. Dejected, I went to sleep last night and awoke to the delayed launch. With no further update around the server locks, I had finally come to terms with the fact that I’d be on another server than my friends, and when the servers finally came online for everyone I jumped in. I was actually having fun and was grinding away when a friend joins discord and mentioned that Una was unlocked and we should join. However, by the time this happened the server had already been locked. Now I feel stuck, I had accepted my fate that the locks would not be lifted because all of your language had pointed to that fact, going so far as offering to transfer premium passes so people could change servers, because the locks needed to stay, or so it seemed. Now without warning, you have opened the server for a small window of time where I’m sure most people didn’t make it because they were not auto-refreshing the forums at this point, it seemed settled. Knowing the locks are in flux makes me not want to play at all now since I will just be deleting any progress I make once the I can join my friends. We are told by you to just launch a game that takes forever to launch over and over and pray you opened it at the right time with zero ability to know if it’s ever going to happen. I’ve been refreshing for hours tonight instead of playing the game.

Please do something. This is simply disrespectful to your playerbase to make these decisions with no warning and then backtrack with equally absent warning.


It would be great if there was a web page or a forum post that keeps track of the servers being locked and opened. I’m not sure if it automatically refreshes but I’ve restarted the game at least 20 times in the past few hours to see if Kadan opens again.


This doesn’t work at all, it is not reflective of the locks. Most of the locked servers have checks like other nonlocked servers. This is why they didn’t link to this in the post.

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I want to play with my GF and she cant join me.
I want to use my founder pack, and starting alt with no founder pack on another server is NOT SOLUTION.

I’m looking at the server list and seeing no servers being listed as busy, despite the majority being locked. I am holding out hope that the next few hours will involve some locks being removed as most US players are asleep. But none of the decisions around this have made sense so who knows. They said the locks were to prevent overloading but now the servers are quiet and still locks. I’m amazed how easily this could have been avoided by having players eat a few hours of bad queues on launch like literally every other popular product in the genre.

Now I’m just in a queue with no end or promise that I’ll eventually get in. Definitely way better thank you for this.

Yeah I was waiting around watching the servers unlock one by one as they got less busy so I could play with my guild. Then all of a sudden all the servers that had been unlocking one by one re-locked. Now every server status is listed as “good” but you still cant create characters on the majority of servers

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How does this make sense if locks are supposed to be released when queues subside?

Do you have to relaunch the game everytime to update the servers list?

That is what we have been told directly by the staff

Thank you

BUMP THIS. Its been a fucking day already without answer!!!