Can you please tell us that next week update we will get neria wardrobes skins back?

Neria wardrobe were taken out in junes patch! Leaving us with the poo poo skins! I really hope that we get neria wardrobe skins or ark pass for our summer update.

Please drop us more skins for this in coming big patch with class release.


Neria wardrobe were taken out in junes patch!

They removed it for real?

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neria’s wardrobe is not a permanent thing, it’s an occasional store, even when it will return , it will not have the same skins as before

Yes it will, neria’s wardrobe ALWAYS has all the old skins and adds new ones.

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love your post
you’re cute <3

yes bring back neria’s dressing with summer clothing :3

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more skins other than the 2 ugly monthly rotations??? amazon would NEVER :clown_face: :rofl: :skull:

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I really hope so, because on other version(s) of the game the wardrobe is permanent you can buy whenever you want. I sincerely hope the first set of skins make a return or I’ll be bummed, I need them for my Striker, Sorceress, Wardancer and Arcana.

@Roxx There’s still time before next week’s patch, incase we weren’t getting the old skins, try and make it happen. People want those skins back, enough threads and responses making noise.

Returning customers are the best ones as we say in sales.

P.S. and yes I know this is an old thread that got bumped, search wasn’t being helpful, but I know there are a handful of threads wanting those skins back as I was part of those discussions.

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True, but I think what they are going to do is release all the poo poo skins for us with class release. So that those people will just buy the poo poo skins to fill the emptiness.

So they are definitely going to take advantage of that to earn as many poo poo money they can get.

That’s why Neria wardrobes for 1 and 2 that we were getting were split into 2 sections for players to purchase.

They gonna wait for players to get extremely skin-hungry and release caca skins for players to consume.

The way Amazon and SG market their skins and patches. It’s just awful.