Can you remove the stats and give us yoz jar skins?

So, you want skins don’t have stats, but higher price, and yellow color in text. Nice.

What is most important is the fact that the actual GACHA lootbox Jar is not the method of obtaining the skins. Its fine to remove the stats or not. Most people want them for the cosmetics - it’s the method of acquisition which is the problem.

Just sell these skins for more value in the store without the stats.

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I think people will be happy if those skins are introduced back as just regular skins for cosmetic reasons. Their Legendary skin’s STATs increase are not welcome here. Just want to be crystal clear.

I don’t personally care about the stats but if we get the skins without them I can guarantee you a shitshow xD

We all want the Skins for sure, but we just don’t want them in a predatory Gacha loot box system.

Honestly, thank you for making this decision to step back from the Yoz Jar.

I really feel like the whole situation was just a massive cringe overreact by people, like cmon man 1.904% dmg increase from purple to legendary skin set is literally negligeble, now cuz of all the crying nobody gets to enjoy the skins and we instead get some very meh stern/yorn collection :confused:

Just slap it onto a Battle Pass that takes longer to complete.

That way you get players to play the game daily in order to achieve it.

Players can obtain the skin reasonably while playing the game, and you guys get to keep the population active.

Also u guys gotta understand none of this is their decision, Smilegate has to agree to changing how u obtain legendary skins and i am sure they dont wanna deal with it considering there is so much they are working on rn in KR, KR summer updates are very massive.

Why not just sell it for the average price of gambling for it was? Like if it took $300* to gamble into a full set on average, just sell the set for $300… I for one wouldn’t have gambled for them, and just bought off AH for gold, so I don’t really care about the gamble aspect.

*just an example, not actual price.

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Why not a kidney? Most ppl have 2 of them, can spare one for a game skin xD

Why are we forced to gamble for a skin in general. Just let people buy it outright.

INB4: JuST bUy iT On THe aH

I’m a deadeye, no one sells deadeye accessories, why would they sell deadeye legendary skins.

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OMG, I cannot believe this community, why are you begging for LOOTBOXES for skins? Are you insane?, i don’t care if it gives ZERO stats, its a horrible gambling system to obtained cosmetic items, another way is needed, straight purchase or better than RNG


guy’s the will lose money and people quit game and the will released it after people quit game and by over it trust me the care about Bag more then u .

I just want the stats. But not in a gambling system. I dont care about skins in any game.

I think it would be better to just remove extra stats from skins altogether. I notice I never use my Rare level skins because it only has 0.5% whereas Epic level skins have 1%, even tho I like my Rare level skins. I think cosmetic items should never have battle stats. Those Virtue stats are fine as they don’t affect battle stats.

Anyways the removal of Yoz Jar is a great decision and keep up the great work. I hope we get to purchase Legendary Skins in the F4 shop using Royal & Blue Crystals in the near future. Thanks

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I don’t care about the stats. I want the cosmetics. My paladin needs that legendary skin. Just sell it to me directly from the shop.

And thanks for getting them to dump the gacha box. But I really hope we don’t miss out on the skins now as well.

Now they’re complaining no hints for deadlines have been given so obviously they will never come :joy:

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From the team update it looks like the skins WERE going to be purchasable in the store along with Yoz yet people glossed over the part about them being in the store as well and ONLY focused on Yoz and whined about it.

While Epic and Legendary skins from Yoz’s Jar would’ve been available to everyone through Crystals and the player-to-player Market, data and feedback suggested they would fetch very high Gold prices— making it difficult for players to acquire a Legendary skin, much less a matching set.

Dont really Care about the skins Just want the stats

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