Can you restore my deleted characters?


before some servers were merged, I´ve deleted few characters that I would like to play again. If you were kind enough and looked into it, I would be very glad.

My current server is Evergrace.
Original server - Beatrice.

Characters that I would like to have restored:
Gunlancer - Colddarklethal
Shadowhunter - Reaperiaia
Sorceress - Peepohappysus

I have enough open slots for these 3 characters to be restored.

Hello @Daedra,

Hope you’re doing well.

Your account needs to be checked by our developers in order to proceed with the restoration.

Hence, I request you yo kindly follow the link down below and submit a web-ticket for the same:

Hope this helps. :magic_wand:

I have done as you requested.

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Hello @HAWK_EYES ,

hope you are doing well.

I have asked for restoration of my deleted characters 3 days ago. I have followed your request to submit a web ticket and wait 48-72 hours. The mark of 72 hours has been met. I haven´t received any new mail nor have I heard from you.

Can you give me an update on the situation?

Hello @Daedra,

Thank you for your reply.

This is to let you know that the web-tickets you create goes to our support team which we cannot access. I request you to kindly go ahead and submit another web-ticket by making sure that you login with the amazon account which is linked with your Steam account.

Refer the link down below for more info:

Hoe this helps. :magic_wand:

@HAWK_EYES Sadly, your response doesnt help.

My steam and amazon account are already linked. I have submitted the request for character restoration from the same account I submitted an unjust ban appeal that has happened in July.

In the current conditions I dont see how submitting another web ticket for character restoration serves any meaning, as I would only repeat the steps as I have done 3 days ago.

This is the email that I got following the web ticket I created. Time window for response from AGS has passed but I still haven´t received any email response. Whats the meaning of writing another identical web ticket that I wont get responded to?

Edit: just to be 100% sure, I have checked whether my steam and amazon account are linked and they are. So, whats going on here?