Can you restore my deleted lvl 50 Scrapper?

Hi there,

It was around 1-2 months ago I deleted my lvl 50 Scrapper. Would it possible for you to restore it?

I know you need info, here they are:

My server is Slen, in EUC. I believe I named her Ticctighs as well:). I also know you need me to be offline to restore the character. Let me know when you want that to be.

Hello @YaegerOfFaker

I hope you are having a great week so far!

Let me know when you are offline and so I can proceed with this action on your account


Hello and thank you for the quick response! I am offline atm, you can proceed:)

Hey @YaegerOfFaker

I woudl be able to restore your charactarter as soon one more slot becomes availble seems that your character slots are full at this moment.

I’ll be around hero!

Oh didnt notice, Im gonna unlock another slot then. Be right back. Gonna log in right now

Okay I am offline atm and there should be an extra slot on the second page right now:)

Let me know when you’re done. Excited to log back in for dailies:)

Hey @YaegerOfFaker

I have succesfully restored your character log in and take a look.
Excuse me for the late answer by the way.


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Hey @Achieveme I just logged in and she is back!!

Thank you very much.