Can you return my material?

I spent all day farming material, I even finished all the missions of the islands for me, I went to try to level up my t2 equipment and they failed 75% it failed and I didn’t know this event existed until the 19/05th that has material to increase 10% after that I saw it, it’s my first time playing this and it’s very complicated. if i knew i would have used it to level up my equipment with 100% please return the materials i spent all day gathering. If I can’t, I’ll be able to play more, these things are very discouraging.

Hello @Frostbite,

I’m really sorry to hear about this situation and I can understand this is very frustrating.

Unfortunately, we can not give any kind of items or materials to the players, I hope you can understand this.

Sometimes it’s hard to learn this kind of things like this but if I can help in any other way you know here we are to support you and I believe you can do it again! :sparkles:

I uninstalled it, it’s not playing, the game has been released for 3 years and these people who played it already have a lot of experience, who is the first time doesn’t understand, I’m going to try to make Guardian raid 3 960, a team with ilv 1080, 1066, 1325 and 1302 can’t pass and if someone to help is carrying for 500golds, telematching with 1 hour wait, not even the guild staff help for free because they are already in an advanced content, this game is just beautiful. I’m complaining times fail with 75% 3 years of waiting for the biggest disappointment. Goodbye lost ark.

Most of us are starting 3 months ago with the NA/EU release of the game. And we were fresh, just as you are. It takes time to learn, just don’t expect to know everything right away, just like every game. The honing you did was your mistake, not the game’s. You’ll get more materials in the long run. The game is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m not trying to be rude, but people won’t carry you through your first guardians since you need to learn the basics, and learn how to play your class correctly, and that takes a lot of trial and error. If you still won’t play LA again, good luck in your future endeavors. :sunglasses:

Edit: how to you think we feel when we fail upgrades in mid tier 3 with 10-30 Great Honor leapstones per hone and thousands of Guardian/Destruction 10 times or plus in a row? xD
Just bite the bullet and keep going :slight_smile:


Yea, it’s unfortunate that you are the only player who have no experience. But fortunately, there are plenty of guides and references out there. If something is that important for you, the info is not lacking. For KR users, it’s worst. There is no immediate guide for new content that comes out.