Can you see the actual checks for crafting in system logs

I am wondering if there is a way to see the actual check or rolls for all the upgrading that the system does or is it hidden. if it’s hidden then can we have this moved to the suggested section and have it implemented? if it’s not hidden can someone point out how to enable it so I can see how they do the check (I mean it’s a percentage base but how do they check out for success like do you roll a d100 and make below x number you succeed?).

Maybe someone in the KR community could help. I heard they asked for this info at one point.

Edit: Incase anyone is interested it seems this was a thing a year ago. The law involved appears to be called the game industry act and it makes faking percentages illegal? They need to disclose true chances.

pretty sure The roll is done server side so unless the game sends it to you there is no way to know.

They would have to patch the game to show it.

even if its done server side it can be still be displayed, your rewards given/achievements and any other system log items that are already displayed there are server side, I know a few MMOs use to display it. a lot of have taken it out (especially f2p/p2w games) as it prevent players from making sure devs are not screwing them over and it gives players a chance to know what the actual odds are.