Can you stop wasting our crystalline aura when the game is down?

Im on euc. This week alone we had like what 3-4 hot fixes with hours of down time and now an 8 hour down time??

Not to mention that for the first 3 weeks my aura didnt work because of euc servers but of course no compensation for that.

Are people really getting this angry over a post that is about not wasting an aura i bought for my own money?


Can you stop wasting our forums with trash posts about something that is barely impacted?
God how entitled are the people here. My gods.


bro i have around 5k blue crystals and i just spent 15€ in the game, and i dont think i need to explain you what i bought with them… at least this game its letting you buy almost everything in the item shop with in game currency…


You say we had 3 hot fixes etc. The thing is, if you work or study “normally” you don’t know about them, so does that mean they have to stop wasting our aura when we work?

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Yeah imagine complaining about a fucking thing that i pay money for… You guys are really trying your hardest to defend this shit


Its insane that you guys are just fine with these guys not giving compensation when they need to “hot fix” the ingame timer 3 times in less than a week


would be nice if the aura only counts down if you logged in.


It’s a legit complaint when the window of play time falls upon where the maintenance, hot fixes and update downtime takes place. It may only be 4 or 8 hours. But that’s an entire day for some people. Considering there has been at least a weeks worth of downtime this past month, that’s a week of aura wasted.


3 times? I just remember one.
And now we have regular maintenace like every week, which doesn’t count to any hotfix downtime.

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Nothing wrong with stopping aura when the game is unavailable for play.

This might be the fastest topic gone toxic i’ve seen though. There is that.


Thank you. Imagine getting this toxic over a topic where i dont want to waste my irl money when the game is literally unplayable.

But of course everybody thinks i want free crystalline aura forever and have it for free when im not playing.

People just wants to defend a company like ags for some reason


Well, you are getting a lot more than your aura’s worth in free items from this update. There’s your compensation.

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Maybe because most of us have an extreme excess of crystalline aura due to being smart with the currency exchange / crystal market or simply having IRL jobs such that we don’t really feel attacked or disregarded for 8 hours of crystalline aura.

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The game hasn’t been out for long, so as expected it will have a lot of downtimes during the first few months. You chose to use your Crystaline Aura during this period in which you knew would have downtimes.

Smilegate and AGS owe you nothing, if they choose to compensate you for your own actions then it’s on them but they really don’t need to do so.

When you go get a glass of water and a droplet of water misses the cup and goes down the drain, do you demand compensation from your water provider? As you have paid for that droplet of water but didn’t get to drink it.

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It just comes down to valuing your money. Sure it is not a lot. But it is there. Might be a newer gamer type thing. These are the same people that are happy with paying to be beta testers for new games until they buy a 2nd game of the year edition.

“newer game thing” this game is not new

Also it is hosted by the biggest server company in the world but for some reason you guys still defend ags


Are you stupid? By definition you are certainly “entitled” to anything you have paid for. That’s how the law works in essentially every country on earth.


Thank you! Incredible how many people gets triggered because i want what i fucking pay for


I think you misunderstood. I meant more the general acceptance of a flawed product unconditionally whilst attacking people instead.

I just can’t wrap my mind around why whiteknighting of a building overtakes being polite to one another.

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If you are like this ingame it won’t take long and you will have your aura ticking off during a ban.
No I don’t remember there being 3 hotfix downtimes, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it.