Can you stop wasting our crystalline aura when the game is down?

We do not defend ags dear friend. We ‘oppose’ the annoying nitpicking and demanding compensation for every little thing, including apparently the downtime for an update that will provide you with gifts worth 100x more than your 8*hours of lost aura. And this is on top of the fact, that you are not even required to pay real money for the damn thing. 420 crystals are about 5k gold tops with fluctuating gold prices rn. should be realistically around 3k actually so let’s avg it at 3,5k. You earn that amount of gold over a week even if you are literally braindead and you do not exert any effort to earn extra via AH or any form of ingame ‘business’. So with that said 8 hours of aura costs you roughly 15 gold. You get free items for thousands and you still demand compensation? Think about that.


Willful ignorance at its best.

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its really kinda shit…8h downtime? The game is up at 4pm again? big ooofff

There is no “normal” work times anymore the 7-16 is dead and ppl work on all hours.

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Would be actually amazing if the aura stops counting during downtime, over one month with weekly downtimes it would save a day.


Imagine thinking laws don’t apply to games. Maybe you should tell the US and EU court systems that.

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u think so? nothing could beat my thread, first reply was from the toxic guy defending speedhackers xD

also I hate people like the OP who legit cry about anything they can think off on the forums. What a dumb post.

There is no reason to give any compensation. People are getting mad about your low IQ post. Imagine asking for a compensation over a few hours of maintenance.

Crystalline Aura for 30 days is what? 420 crystals? At current Gold:Blue Crystals rates (500:95) that is 2210gold per month that you have to spend to get this Aura without spending real money. And you entitled loser are actually asking for a refund because you couldn’t play for a few of the hours of those 30 days - OH NO!

Someone quick - donate 20 gold to OP so he can get his fair compensation.

Where is the goddamn downvote button, go somewhere else you toxic forum troll.
You should be grateful for each hotfix maintenance they give you, without them your server would be way more unstable and you would have way more game crashes or login queues etc.

PS: if you farm 1 hour of chaos dungeons and sell the greater honor leapstones in AH you can afford an entire’s month worth of crystalline Aura.

You legit can’t think for more than 3 seconds about the bullshit you post on these forums @hammer7021

How about a crisp high five?

Subscriptions don’t stop when they do maintenance in other games…

Yeah, cos it would be dumb to think ahead and play the market and accrue gold and exchange them for crystals to purchase extensions for your aura, who the hell does that anyway? Then to have the gall to share that wisdom, its just ludicrous, I don’t know about you but I think it should incur some sort of penalty. I know they will just have to suffer that Aura longer than some, that should learn em.

Do you suspend your netflix sub when you can’t watch TV? Do you pause your spotify sub when your not listening to music? How about a gym sub? That should pause too if your not working out right? Maybe we should get our twitch prime subs back on the days people don’t stream? Stop paying car insurance on the days you aren’t driving? What I’m saying here is… don’t be petty and dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

I sense a lot of /s in this post and I’m all for it

Welcome to 2022 :slight_smile:

Must be that ESP thing goin on or the Force, now that would be cool.

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Imagine defending getting ripped off.

Aura = 500 crystals or less. I dont even remember since i bought 1 year worth of aura.
500 crystals = 2500 gold
2500g = 1 day worth of daily

considering there is a whole sad thread about how some incels think they deserve sexy skins, i’d say very entitled lmao

You forgot the asterisk saying that it depends on which tier they’re in, and the state of the market on their server.

Well , that too, but honestly i got more gold in t1 and t2 than in t3. Before i got to t3 i already had 100k gold by selling mats and engraving books, then buying crystals and getting the mats cheaper from mari shop

Why people re so toxic?

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