Can you verify my progress for my PowerPass

Hello Team,

I already finished the Punika story line and I didn’t receive my Punika PowerPass. Can you please check?

Heya – Powerpasses are currently disabled.

I am not talking about purchasing the PowerPass, I am talking about the one we receive after finishing the Punika Story. I didn’t get mine by email, and it was said that if I didn’t receive mine to contact Support.

Thank you

all types of powerpasses are disabled

u need to do all purple quests in punika

You have until Machinist release to fix that :slight_smile:
Plenty of time

A bit selfish approach, don’t you think?
There are people who started recently and might want to use their Vern passes or Punika pass on a class that isn’t Machinist.
Also I was going to tell my friends who quit over 3 months ago that they might want to check out this game again cause they have opportunity to play different character at 1370 with almost no effort, now I’m holding back on this.
I was going to buy powerpass because I wanted to try out Striker and use current event vendor to get him to T3 (I was just going to skip to Vern).

lol yeah I feel like a big dummy, I assumed this was for buying powerpasses, not the granted ones. Just spent a long time customizing a new character only to find out I can’t even assign it the Punika Powerpass and participate in the hyper express event :confused: lame


there is a high chance they disabled it cuz of bot exploit and/or people using it to open other roster accounts in the same region and doing some gold transferring to their main roster.

any update on when they will be available again?

Probably will be back after weekly reset

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Are you calling me Selfish? Really?
I am playing this game since the Beta was released. I have the Punika Powerpass since forever and now that I wanted to use it, I can’t.
But as it was said, we will all have to wait until they fix this issue, because I didn’t know the restrictions were also for the one that already had a Powerpass and not just for the ones that were buying new ones.

I hope so :slight_smile: