Cannot access main character

Today my client froze when i sailed to an island ‘Peyto’ and attempted to enter. Since then i have been unable to log into my main character. I can log in my alts fine but when i try log in my main character i hear a windows error sound in the loading screen. I have tried to log in my main 5 times now with the same problem.

Can my character be moved to another area please, i have read other posts and it has been fixed this way.

Region: North America
Server: Akkan
Name: Alchemon

Hi @Alchemon Welcome to the Lost Ark Community Forums! :lion:

I hope you’re doing great today and I’m sorry that you experience this issue.

I moved your character so please before open the game let’s check the Steam files in order to fix the issue with that location and let me know if now is working. :woman_mage:

Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files :video_game: