Cannot acquire Craft Beer for Yorn cooking

The item ‘Craft Beer’ comes from the quest ‘Follow Your Nose’, the final part of a quest chain in Yorn. This is a Roster Quest, which means it can only be completed once per roster. The problem is that if you decide to do a Yorn Knowledge Transfer on a character, it automatically completes this quest chain. If you did not complete Follow Your Nose and acquire the Craft Beer before doing the Knowledge Transfer, you are now locked out from acquiring this item as the quest is flagged as complete.

Craft Beer is roster bound, and cannot be sold/destroyed etc. I have checked my inventory on every character and I do not have it. Additionally, the quest Follow Your Nose is listed in my log of completed quests. As far as I can tell, there is no way in game for me to acquire the Craft Beer now. Hopefully I am wrong somewhere and this can be easily fixed.

Please help!


im having the same issue @Roxx

@Roxx I’m having the same issue. I have done yorn questline manually on multiple characters and I can’t find the craft beer for the Yorn Adventure Tome. I’m not sure what the next step here is.

Thank you for reporting this issue. I apologize for the delayed response. Were you able to overcome this? If not, could I have your character name and server?

Thank you @screami for bumping this issue & I’m sorry you’re experiencing the same!

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Hi there i have the same issue! “Follow your nose” is marked as completed for all of my characters and so are all the other rapport quests for this continent that i haven’t done yet. Also no backpacks with mushrooms etc. looks like i can’t finish Yorn because of your guys settings.
This is my main, Babysupersloth (Slothycorn before that), server is Rohendel
Thanks in advance

I ran into the same issue trying to complete the Adventure Tome for Yorn. I found the Craft Beer on the first character I had played through Yorn. In order to do a Knowledge Transfer, you must have completed Yorn on another character. So I went back to my original main, and found the Craft Beer (which is only awarded once) on that original character. Hope this helps!

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for letting us know you’re having this issue too.

Have you tried what stormcrone has suggested?

Hi i have the same issue! “Follow your nose” is marked as completed for all of my characters and so are all the other rapport quests for Yorn. I have checked every character I have and none have it. This is my main, Giakaria and before that was Tinashia, server is Antares

I am also experiencing this issue, checked my main, quest completed but item not found. Checked all my alts as well.

NA West

Thanks for letting me you’ve had this issue as well.

Are you still having this issue?

Hello I am having the same issue as @Sabertoothturtle, and I tried looking for it on my original character and it isn’t there.

My IGN is “Karl” from Regulus server.

Nvm, I found it on the account I skipped to Punika on. If you bought a power pass to punika, it will now give it to you on that character.

Glad to hear your issue is solved.

Hello! I am also currently having the same issue. I have tried looking at my first character (vern pass), as well as my recent artist (punika pass) but have not been able to find the crafting material.

My IGN is Owié from NA West, Valtan Server.