Cannot buy royal crystals a 2nd time


I am running into an issue where I cannot buy a royal crystal packs a 2nd time. A while back, I bought the $100 pack option and was able to. Yesterday, I tried buying that option again and I got the purchase failed message.

I then tried buying the $50 pack option and it worked. But when I tried buying the $50 pack option again, it failed.

I have already checked my purchase history to make it wasn’t steam blocking my purchases and I have already tried turning off and on the steam overlay, but that hasn’t fixed it.

Hi @andrew.dd.n.

Hope you’re doing well :sunny:

I’m sorry your are having issues with making your purchases, that is not the experience we want for you, can you please follow these steps:

Verify Integrity of Game Files:

Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If you are still having problems, you can contact Steam for further assistance.

Steam Support

Stay safe! :raised_hands: