Cannot cancel Daily Event "Off to the Races"

I accidentally clicked the Daily Event with my alt (with only combat level 34). My main cannot join the event and my alt was not able to get into the race as well.

My alt had tried to join the event for two days now without luck and can’t abandon the event. Any solution?

Can someone offer some advice, please? Thank you!

Hello @StaplerEC ,

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I hope you are doing well. :slight_smile:

I am sorry about the issue that you are facing regarding daily run. As discussed here- Locked out of Event Daily after taking the quest with a low level alt - #5 by Etrexum we are looking in to this, however it would greatly help if you could contact support and they will raise a ticket for your account.

Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:

Take Care! :sunflower: :magic_wand:

@Helianthus, thanks! Support ticket filed. Any idea if we will get compensated for the lost daily rewards after the bug is fixed?

Thanks again!

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I am afraid @StaplerEC, I cannot comment on that currently. It has just been escalated a few hours ago, so I request you to kindly wait and keep a track on forums :slight_smile:

Thank you for filing the ticket and for the report!

I appreciate your patience.

Cheers! :sunflower:

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