Cannot connect character to game after a crash

My friend and I were in a party at Nomad’s Meeting Place. We interacted with the drum. I watched the cutscene, my friend completed the bar but nothing happened for him. Then we both crashed.
After the crash we opened the game again and tried to reconnect. The game give us a “Could not connect to game” pop up and nothing happens. We can log in with other characters normally.
We tried restarting the game, but seems like we are stuck with this situation. Our characters were level 20.
Any help?


I’m in the same situation. After a disconnection in a instance quest, my game closed and when opening I can’t log into it. Only on other characters normally.

How can i fix this?

I found this post. I’m trying fixes right now.

It worked?

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same problem here,

Server: Akkan
User: Kiettuong