Cannot Connect to Mari Server

Was loading to another area and all of the sudden it said I cannot connect to the server. Whenever I try to login now it says “Cannot connect to the server. Exiting game. [G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT]”. I was told to ask the support team to move my character to another zone which could fix my problem. How can I get this fixed?

Mari is having a bunch of issues. stronghold, DC, can’t sail etc. I’m locked out of my main as well. Same issue.

Yeah sail issue too. Thanks

Same issue
Server Mari
Char: Axstone

Same issue that they’re already aware of. But the funny thing is, they’ve been having this issue since yesterday and they’ve been saying the same exact thing that they’re looking into it. So we’ll see how long it truly takes…

Server: Mari
Char: Ollobo