Cannot connect to server due to heavy traffic [10027]

I crashed and got the messegae “Cannot connect to server due to heavy traffic[10027]”, there goes the whole day…

This also closes the full game if you click ok…


Yup, too many people in queue, it’s not accepting new people

so the fix is just to block people from queue? Wow thats the most stupid thing i heard in years


It is solved…now I see a 23300 queue…


this is outrageous, They should prompty return money for this hoax.


Same here.


seems like every game amazon is involved in have bad server design kinda funny when they have biggest servers farms in the word… :smiley:


Get ready for a monster queue. This message is because you are still logged in, after time-out you go back to queue of 25k

same issue
when the servers are loading, I have a notification

EU region
Server: Thirain
Character: Dunann

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nope, I got the same message and it was my first log in today

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yes, wow, I just noticed myself after leaving the queue…so we reached a queue limit.

Tambien me pasa , menuda mierda practicamente no se puede jugar si no entras a una hora temprana, menuda estafa de juego cuando van a hacer noticia esto? cuando nos van a devolver el dindero de los paquetes???

Not solved unfortunately… if you are “lucky” and someone logs out just before you try logging you can queue up, but if you’re not, you’re still at square 1

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consegui entrar y 12000 de cola… vamos que de aqui a las 5 o asi no poder jugar increible…

Same story than New World and in a month, they will be proud to announce that the launch was a huge success… Just like their fire phone! :face_vomiting:

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I have the same problem :frowning:

Dont worry ones you get pass the heavy load you have min 10k to 20k que to get past after that :rofl:

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Second game I bought from Amazon and will surely be my last. First was New World and now this, bought early access for Lost Ark too and still can’t get into the fucking game. It keeps giving me error 10027 and then client kicks me out. WE DEMAND A REFUND FOR THIS SHIT!


yay just got lucky to pass the traffic limit filter…back to 23k :sunny:

same thing