Cannot connect to the server [EAC Offline]

I’m from Blackfang - SA, fyi.
Since the new update came up, I keep getting this message after 5 minutes in game, going back to server selection screen. I remember months ago when every single week after maintence this issue used to appear. Is someone having the same problem? I can’t even do my dailies, dungeons, raids, because this disconnect issue will kick me out.

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Hello adventurer @cryptae, it’s great to have you back!

I am sorry to hear you are having issues starting up the game due to this error. This has been addressed with the possible work around for it and has been posted here:

We’ve posted some troubleshooting steps on our official site as well:

Please give these troubleshooting steps a try and do not hesitate adding your details in the main thread quoted above if the steps do not clear it for you.

Have a great journey and take care! :dagger: :man_mage:

Thanks, I’ll add in the main thread. This is not working for me.

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