Cannot Connect to the Server. Exiting the game. Since last maintenance


Getting this error almost once an hour or more since last maintenance/patch and it’s infuriating. It occurs in the world map, in chaos dungeons, when im doing nothing or mid combat. It’s making the game unplayable.


Hi @anasthenia

Hope you doing great!

I’m very sorry for the connection issue you are having with Lost Ark.

I would like to share with you this steps in other to try to fix this issue,

Please try to check the integrity of the game files, here the steps to do it:

Also try to look and try this steps too:

If the issue persist when you have done this steps, I recommend you to contact our live support channel in other to create a ticket and help you further with the Devs team.

Here the link to contact live support channel:

Hope this information help you! :wolf: