Cannot connect to the server. Exiting the game. [W0x9-SPELFWF1F2NT]

Constantly getting kicked on Regulus server, 5 times in 10 min regardless of location/activity

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Same, Roxx did respond in another post that they are looking into it.

they are on it:

We’re seeing this across the region now, and the team has been informed to investigate

Been happening this week to. I was able to play yesterday without any interruptions for several hours straight. I simply updated my drivers, BIOS, etc. Dell Laptop, performing a full run of Support Assist.

I just reset my router and it works for a few days, then repeat… dunno… everything else works except this game.

Same here, it was fine for a few days. Just these past 2 days I haven’t been able to log in without being disconnected within 10-20 secs.

I had this problem yesterday, it happened several times. Fortunately I managed to solve it or the server went back to normal lol

For those who want to know what I did:
Note: I did all of this at once before going back to Lost Ark, so I don’t know which of the actions below resolved it and was actually intended to do all of this.

I restarted the internet router and reconnected all the internet cables.

I reinstalled easy anti-cheat from the game folder

I added the game client to the firewall permissions (before it was just the launcher)

I added the game folder to the antivirus exeçoes

I turned on DHCP and ipv6 on the network adapter

I disabled and then enabled the network adapter again

Back at Lost Ark, before going to my characters server, I joined another server in the same region and created a character, skipped the prologue and stayed in the city for about 10 minutes to test. As I didn’t have any problems I went back to my characters’ server and was able to play without any problems all day.