Cannot connect to the server. Exiting the game

I’m receiving this error for at least 5 times per day, even with the internet connection working well, other things/games just run smooth.


What can be done to fix this?

Just lost another dungeon due this.

I too have found this to be a problem. Can’t get past this.

I’m getting the same screen as Mythie when trying to enter the server where my character is located, but I am able to enter a server where I don’t have characters.

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And again…


Another one.

Forgot to print this time.

Same problem here

3rd time today and counting:

I received this as my last connection drop from the server, is this a known issue that’ll be fixed? Would love to hear something from the CMs :slight_smile:

Again, just to remember everything besides Lost Ark is working 100% :slight_smile:

Edit: After only a few minutes:


Again, 15 minutes before the server close: