Cannot connect to the servers. Existing game. [W0x2-opelpwn1n2nt]

HELP, please ( i’ve done the firewall part but i get the same issue)

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I’m getting that issue too :frowning:

me 2 :confused:

Same, don’t worry though this support is going to tell you it’s your firewall even though it’s their own incompetence

Same here. Even tried the useless advice about how my firewall / ipv6 is at fault. Of course it didnt fix anything. Classic launch desaster because a multi billion dollar company cant afford enough servers.

this is what i got from support, ‘The server is currently full. Our developers are working with Smilegate developers to get this fixed. Please keep trying to log in.’

How can they have a full login server? This is when the game loads and not even when trying to get into a specific server? stupid

I got kicked out of a queue I waited in for 4 HOURS with this.


i don t mind to stay in q but i am frustrated bcs i paid 100e and i can t even loggin

2022-02-13 17_20_08-LOST ARK (64-bit, DX11) v.
Hier auch. Grüße aus Wien.

Same here

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Same here

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So they are being extra helpful…
Would be nice to at least being able to switch over to NA and start there where it is actually working…

in South America is the same problem

Lots of people from EU get this apparently, me included.
Though, when looking at how many ppl are online atm - It can’t affect everyone.

i have the exact same problem. dont expect any help from amazon. i had the same thing with new world. i couldnt see any servers. Now the same thing happens with another game of theirs. The problem is the amazon server but the refuse to aknowledge it. im sorry to dissapoint you and any other with this problem but dont expect a fix for this. they will just give you some crap reason like its IPV6. or you need to port forward something.

@customer support
ill say it again. that problem is the amazon servers. its not a client site issue. treat this problem serieusly. sadly i will never ever play a amzon game again because of these consistent issues in all of youre games. but i hope other people wont experience that