Cannot continue 2nd Awakening questline

For whatever reason, Styxia Chief Maya did not offer me the continuation quest “Story of the Wind Left Behind” after handing in “Armen and People” when trying to progress through the second awakening quest line. Am I missing something??

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I wanted to confirm if this questline is active on any other character too?

Apart from this, I recommend you to verify game files and then shut down the PC completely and re launch and see if you are able to get the quest.

Questline is as follows-

[Awakening] Following the Melody

  • [Awakening] About a Friend

  • [Awakening] Good and Evil

  • [Awakening] His Childhood

  • [Awakening] Armen and People

  • [Awakening] Story of the Wind Left Behind

  • [Awakening] Friend’s Determination

  • [Awakening] The Wounded Pilgrim

  • [Awakening] The Sunset

Let me know if this helps.

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Thank you for the quick response. No other characters have this questline active. I’ve went ahead and verified the game files and shut down my computer. As far as the quest chain goes, it says it is all complete up to “story of the wind left behind” but when I go to the quest giver, she doesn’t offer it. I’m so very confused haha!

Agreed! It must be very confusing @zaphias. I am sorry to know that the troubleshooting did not work. I recommend you to kindly contact our live support team , and our colleagues will be able to raise a ticket for your account.

Thank you for your understanding! :magic_wand:

As far as I know, if you have used any powerpasses it will complete all quest up to that continent. For example, if you use a punika powerpass on a character but the 2nd awakening quest has not been completed on that account. It’ll automatically complete all main/ purple/yellow quests up to punika. So maybe you should go to Trixion and talk to Beatrice to see if the 2nd awakening is there for you to claim your 2nd awakening.

This was definitely the issue. It was completed from a power pass. Went to trixion and got my 2nd awakening on my main. Thank you so much!!!

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