Cannot continue story until 1100

TBH this sucks especially when you dont get much time to play I’ve been stuck between 1000 and 1100 for over a week now and cannot continue. It’s really putting me off playing, everything being gated.

Anyone want to share their 1320-1370 experience now or should we let the OP down gently?

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don’t let them know

Yeah man having a full time job, wife, kids, bills to pay, a house to take care of… there’s just not enough time for me to no-life games anymore. Being an adult sucks! Guess I’ll go post a diary entry on a forum or something about it.

But the weird thing is i need to be 960 to do the twisted dark legion in feiton, but need to be 1100 to get to feiton all seems a bit messed up

Kinda true

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You need to be 1100 to enter Punika. Not Feiton.

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These games are not designed for people who have lives. One could say that they never were (like EQ99 wasn’t either), but the issue MMOs have is that there are other online game genres that are designed for people with lives, and they are eating market share from MMOs, and have been for years now, because most people don’t want to no life games.

But good luck getting sympathy for that in a gaming forum where almost everyone is a no lifer by definition (the forums attract the no life crowd in a very disproprotionate way).

Tf? U need 960 to do the feiton history

I just ran into this issue and then overcame it. Not enough life shards, etc. to progress.

Just use all the exchanges, etc. to get more mats for progression.

I do think this is a major flaw. Original plans were to give you 100% chance at honing up to t3 - why they changed it to time gate old content, idk.