Cannot enter legion raid kakul saydon

I’m unable to enter “Legion Raid - Midnight Circus Kakul Saydon” in Lost Ark. Last night I queued into the content, got disconnected instantly without playing a second of it, then was unable to re-enter! I have not completed any of the gates/content this week for it. I’ve sent in a ticket to customer service with a response of waiting 24 hours. It’s been 24 hours and still no ticket. Can you help me get a re-enter “Legion Raid Midnight Circus - Kakul-Saydon” ticket for this week?

Thank you in advance

The system that reimburses entries is entirely automated, the staff on the forums do not have the ability to reimburse you. The post below explains this system.

As your disconnect was not due to a verified server failure. It’s unlikely that you will be reimbursed this entry.

We have reported issues with matchmaking and disconnects causing players to lose their weekly entry counts.

Hope that helps.