Cannot enter Server (An error occured)

So when I am logging in (NA West / Enviska) I get the server list, click “enter” on my server and then there is just coming “please wait” and after about 1 min I get the message “an error occured. exiting the game.” If I try to log in again, it says my account is already logged in. exiting again and restarting leads again to the first error etc.

“an error occured” is btw an awesome message to figure out what is going on. Same category as the sun is yellow thats why it is hot.

I’m having same issue
server: NA West / Shandi

I’m having the same problem. Was there ever a fix?

Hi @Durok, @automne and @veldari13

Hope you are doing well!

I’m sorry for the issue with the region is close and can’t be selected.

I would like to share this link that has troubleshooting steps you can try for this problem.

Error Message: The Region is Closed and Can’t Be Selected

If you continue to receive this error message after troubleshooting, Contact Us for further investigation. Make sure to include the following information:

  • ISP

  • Server

  • Region

  • Character Name

  • IP Address.

  • If you do not know how to find your public IP, click this link and include the result in your ticket.

Hope this information helps and happy New Year! :wolf:

yes i deinstalled the gam3 because as you can see it took more than half year to get a reply from a support staff lol.

point is they region locked the game so hard that it is unplayable for me and this is why the error occured.
i work in 2 countries and cannot excess the game when i am abroad.
quite stupid