Cannot enter server Kazeros - SA

Hello. I tried start the game in my server, but receive this message:

When I load the game it show all servers online, but when i click then it change to “Maintenance”. What’s happening?


I am facing same issue.

I could enter if I left steam and re enter, however later even doing it not working.


I’m having the same problem in kazeros

Consegui resolver trocando de região para NA e voltando para SA.

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Como assim?

Em cima do Kazeros tem as regiões. Eu selecionei North America e o jogo reiniciou. Ai troquei de novo para South America e reiniciou o jogo novamente. Então fui e entrei no Kazeros.

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Igual en Agato a cada rato sale el mensaje “Servidor en Mantenimiento” que molesto

The same problem hare

Still happening to me, specially during peak hours past 6 pm (BRT). It’s going to be like this every time?

Fix this please asap!