Cannot enter Valtan Gate 2 after getting disconnected

I entered to valtan raid gate 1 we completed it , and decided to start the 2nd gate, after a time the game ran to 11700ping and crash so i restarted the game and my friend who waiting me saw me left the group, and when i finally come back i were on Punika island and my friend still on raid. They quit the raid, and after they invit me again. My entry count exceeded…
Any help ?

Kalyr on Slen server


Thank you for informing this to us. we are really sorry that the game crashed.

I do have some troubleshooting steps to help you with the crash issue.

Let me know if this is resolved or not so that we can proceed further with the steps.

Also would request you to check this link out if you have any other queries or concerns so that you may also be able to contact us via live medium.

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